Standard X-Ray room

This radiographic room is highly flexible and efficient for any kind of radiographic examinations, either on a supine patient, or standing one, and grants access to radiology services either to traumatized or disabled patients.
Through on board controls for longitudinal, transversal, and vertical movements, operators can position devices in order to make any kind of traditional radiologic examination, with maximum space optimization in respect of security and reliability.

Includes the following devices:

  • Column tube stand sliding on floor rails
  • Horizontal bucky table with four-ways floating table top
  • Available with  fixed height or motorized height adjustment
  • Column bucky stand

Optimized Workflow

  • Compact design provides more free space for operation;
  • Capable of long time and multi-frame recording;
  • Supports multi-selection of frames/s.

To further carry out examinations in a much easier way and reduce exam time the Rad Room is also available with:
Film-size autosensing kit: automatic and motorized collimation according to film size and focal distance.
SYNCHRO package, a highly automated room, where refined mechanisms of movement and a careful automatic anti-collision system, allow synchronization between devices in order to reach the optimal position to perform the requested projection (lateral projection, chest exam, …) on the involved patient (traumatized, disabled, elderly person).

In this room, movement management and the choice of operative mode is made on the tube stand  console whose display shows any information about SID, tube tilting, error messages. Advanced design of this radiographic rooms, allows, in any moment, its upgrading to the digital version “DR Room”.