Fluoroscopic mobile c-arm with flat panel


High Performance

ALMA C FP+ is a compact and mobile C-arm designed for different interventional procedure and applications in neurosurgery, pain management, orthopedics and emergency rooms. Equipped with Dynamic Flat Panel ALMA C FP+ produces excellent high-resolution images for accurate diagnosis and safe operation.

The compact design and wide C-arc helps to save space increasing the flexibility. 160° orbital rotation increase patient access, facilitating repositioning improving efficiency to assure the highest quality image.

Optimized Workflow

  • Compact design provides more free space for operation
  • Extended orbital movement
  • Capable of long time and multi-frame recording
  • Supports multi-selection of frames/s
  • Dynamic Flat Panel for high resolution image
  • A larger 864 mm free space
  • Rotating or Stationary anode X-ray tube
  • Virtual collimators


High Frequency Generator
160° Wide Orbital Rotation With Large SID Distance
Monoblock Type Tube
Flat Panel 2121 or 3030
High Resolution 27” Touch Screen Medical Grade Monitor
Lower Dose

– Virtual collimator
– Pulse mode
– Air kerma

Laser positioning devices For accurate dose-free positioning of C-arm
Anatomical programs with automatic optimization of dose and image quality for best results
Removable grid to reduce dose in pediatric and other dose-sensitive procedures
Easy Archiving And Documentation

– DICOM 3.0
– Thermal Printer
– USB Port
– Ethernet port


Database Management

– More convenient search & save capabilities
– Manage patient information
– Before & after surgery comparison
– Supports multi-selection of frames/s

Versatile Diagnostic Tools

– Zoom, contrast, reverse, invert
– Filtering, edge enhancement
– Annotation

Unlimited Image Memory

– Unlimited patient capacity
– Unlimited study images

PACS Connectivity With DICOM 3.0

– Store and print, modality worklist management MPPS, storage commitment, and Import & export